Vserv targets emerging markets with new RTB platform

Mobile ad exchange Vserv has launched a new mobile Real Time Bidding platform focused on “bridging the value gap” across emerging markets.
Vserv is offering both a Demand Side Platform and Supply Side Platform, allowing advertisers to selectively target mobile users in markets such as India, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, while developers in those territories are given access to global RTB demand.
The Mumbai-based company adds that its solution is designed to be used with “minimal to no understanding” of programmatic buying and gives advertisers access to over 150,000 apps and mobile sites.
In a statement Dippak Khurana CEO and co-founder of Vserv said:

“We are further strengthening our product offering for high growth emerging markets. The RTB platform combined with our flagship products – AudiencePro and AppWrapper, give us a strategic advantage to maximize the mobile advertising opportunity for the entire ecosystem. As advertisers look to target the next billion consumers, our RTB enabled exchange will help them leverage the power of programmatic buying, while eliminating the learning curve and risk that comes with it. Additionally, developers can tap into real-time demand across the globe, which maximizes their eCPM.”

Real Time Bidding certainly represents the future of ad buying and Vserv’s decision to launch a new solution focusing on users in emerging markets makes a lot of sense, as countries such as China, India and Russia are potential areas of weakness when it comes to the reach of Facebook’s highly popular mobile ad service. With AppFlood launching its own China-focused mobile Demand and Supply Side Platform earlier this week the RTB space is really starting to heat-up.
Vserv’s platform works with a number of demand and supply partners, including MoPub, Smaato, Nexage, PocketMath, Lifestreet and Go2Mobi. Head over to the website for more info.