Vidcoin wants to guarantee instant-loading for mobile video adverts

Anne Freier | September 8, 2016

Mobile Advertising

Mobile tech firm Vidcoin has rolled out a zero-latency solution for mobile video advertising that’s also compliant with programmatic standards in the US market.
Vidcoin presents zero-latency mobile video ad solution
The company, which has offices in France and New York reaching over 300m mobile users a month, says that it guarantees mobile ads to launch in an instant in HD quality each time on mobile devices, in-app and the mobile web – without any latency issues.
Vidcoin is still a relatively new start-up having launched three years ago. It currently is testing zero latency advertising across mobile sites with ComScore top 50 publishers.
Grant Gudgel, Co-Founder of Vidcoin explains that latency in advertising is a major reason why consumers have been quick to adopt ad blockers. Every second counts when it comes to video load times. Publishers whose video ads take even a second too long to load risk losing 5% of their audience with each second. That makes a big impact on attrition and ultimately publisher ROI. Gudgel says:
grant gudgel

“At Vidcoin we see the future of digital advertising converging around the themes of mobile, video and programmatic. Unfortunately the current model for serving programmatic mobile video ads is built on severely antiquated technologies. That’s why we set out to build an entirely new way of serving video ads on mobile that also remains compliant with current programmatic protocols like VAST and OpenRTB.”

The company calls this model for zero-latency video Asynchronous Ad Serving – a solution that more easily plugs into a publisher’s existing advertising stack.
Gudgel adds:

“Asynchronous Ad Serving takes the best parts of innovations like header bidding and programmatic buying and puts them together into a system that helps publishers both eliminate latency and optimize their ad yield. The technology relies on predictive analysis to better anticipate when users will see video ads so they are ready to be viewed when the user arrives.”

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