Verto Analytics celebrates successful 2016 as it increases month-on-month revenue by 300%

Verto Analytics, the measurement firm, recently announced that it had increased its month-on-month revenue by 300% and added several Fortune 500 costumers to its client list, including Microsoft, Yahoo, Universal Music, Zynga and Telegraph.
Verto Analytics reveals 2016 successes
verto analytics
The company provides measurement and analytics tools for mobile and digital advertising across devices.
Hannu Verkasalo, Founder and CEO, Verto Analytics, explains that it’s the company’s behavioural data together with its demographics and real-time insights has helped to boost growth.

“In the last five years, consumer media consumption has changed dramatically—more than during the previous 50 years—but audience measurement methods have not. We offer a relevant alternative to help our customers to track the industry around them, and make better decisions around media planning, M&A, growth strategies, product roadmapping, and audience monetization tactics. Because our approach is providing far more actionable insights to solve concrete business problems, the industry is responding.”

Indeed, the firm’s research service, Verto Watch, offers daily data from cross-device rankings to audience demographics as well as deep competitive metrics and detailed charts. The feature is part of Verto Monitor, which lets clients measure and quantify the time a customer spends on a any kind of device, app or web service.
Among integrated features, clients can create reports, market analyses and benchmark overviews to engage more effectively with target consumers.
Among Verto’s 2016 are the introduction of the Verto App Watch, a mobile app audience measurement solution that provides behavioural data with actionable insights and real-time reporting. In addition, the company partnered up with Statista for ongoing research and measurement data. It also launched a syndicated media measurement service in the UK last September and announce Retention Reports for developers and digital publishers.
Matt Penfield, VP of Consumer Insights at Zynga, confirms:
matt penfield

“Verto Analytics has been a superb data and insights partner for us. Their behavioral measurement data supports a variety of our strategic planning initiatives related to player behavior and growth opportunities.”

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