How To Use Video In Your App Marketing

Business of Apps | September 19, 2014

App Marketing

Since most people in the app marketing industry realised how ineffective the likes of banner ads are at getting users interested in your app, we’ve steadily seen video marketing rise in importance in the app economy. As app advertising platforms have begun to support and encourage video marketing as a way of reaching users, the likes of Google Play and the App Store have responded by making video a more important part of their mobile marketing mix. But what is good practice in the video marketing arena? And how can you bring it to bear on your app success?

Sylvain Gauchat is the founder of Apptamin and knows a lot about the video marketing arena.  He spoke at App Promotion Summit Berlin on the topic of How to Use Video in Your App Marketing and managed to share his insights into what makes for successful video marketing efforts to both the conference attendees and the camera through which we’ve handily recorded is talk for you to listen to.

In particular, we recommend watching the video below to reinforce the following top tips:

  • Why video is the best way to really demonstrate to a user what your app does.
  • How important it is to get to the message when using video advertising.
  • What strategies work well for creating an effective video short.

Check out the talk from Sylvain on Youtube by clicking below.

You can get access to all the videos and transcripts from the conference in our App Promotion Summit Berlin Bundle


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