Unlockd partners with MTV UK to provide free music streaming in exchange for viewing mobile adverts on lock screens

Unlockd, the mobile platform which rewards consumers for viewing targeted ads or content, recently signed a partnership agreement with music channel MTV UK and its service developed by MusicQubed to provide free music streaming to mobile customers in exchange for viewing adverts on their phone’s lock screens.
Though initially only available in the UK, the deal could be rolled out across other countries and offer a better way for consumers to access subscription music services, but also TV and movies.
Streaming content providers can simply sign up to Unlockd and choose to serve full-screen mobile adverts in exchange for content and offers when consumers unlock their devices.
Unlockd likes to call this model a “value exchange” system, where both sides (consumer and advertisers) are getting something out of the transaction.
CEO and Co-Founder of Unlockd, Matt Berriman, explains:

“It’s the consumer’s appetite for the number of ads that will dictate [content provision]. Currently with an ad or piece of content every two or three times they unlock their phone would mean if the consumer wanted both MTV Trax and a second SVOD offering then they would have double the ad and content load but double the reward.”

He added that he was confident streaming platforms such as Netflix would eventually turn toward value-exchange options to advertise as it presents a more lucrative way to market.
He adds that the company has been in touch with some of the global players in the streaming and OTT industry.

“We keep the content experience clean and without ad interruption, whereby the ad load is on the unlock event of the phone and not interrupting the content experience itself.”

Founded in 2014, Unlockd has raised $20 million from financial backers including Lachlan Murdoch and Peter Gammell. The company is currently planning a large-scale funding session.

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