Twitter launches tools to connect advertisers with creators

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. July 15, 2019

Twitter recently announced the launch of ArtHouse, which combines its Creator management team with video editing and live broadcasting offers to help brands achieve greater impact with their campaigns.

Twitter ArtHouse will connect brands with relevant creatives as well as influencers to help shape their adverts. Additionally, Twitter’s global team includes content strategists, digital producers and influencer marketing experts.

In collaboration with Magna and IPG Media Lab, the company recently found that Twitter users spent 24% more time with ads originating from creators compared to brand-only ads. Purchase intent was up 41% for branded creator posts, whilst brand favourability had increased 39% compared to brand tweets.

With 61% of Twitter users now following a creator, Kara Manatt, SVP Intelligence Solutions & Strategy at Magna remarked:

“The results of this media trial proved that creator content is a valuable asset for brands. To keep up with the fast-moving pace of social environments, branded creator content is a quick, easy, and affordable way for advertisers to impact consumers.”

Creators like consumers care about the content they promote with 94% of creators turning to brands that are aligned with their own image and style.

Meanwhile, 93% of creators search for brands that are open to creator ideas and 90% feel they must be passionate about a brand in order to work with it.

When it comes to optimising video, Twitter noted that optimised videos achieved 19% better unaided recall and 6% higher message association. Meanwhile, video optimised for Twitter drove a 33% increase in emotional engagement.

Brands can also take advantage of Twitter’s Live Brand Studio service which allows them to go live and schedule their own events for increased conversation with consumers.