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Partner Post - Billy Mobile The Leading Affiliate Platform

Posted: October 23, 2017

Geoffrey Cleaves, Compliance Director in Billy Mobile. Geoff  has lived in 8 countries, 9 if you count Catalunya. He is an expert in building analysis platforms.
Once upon a time, mobile subscription and advertising fraud was a distant problem threatening ad networks and their traffic sources. Let’s be honest, everyone knew the problem existed but didn’t do much about it. Today, however, fraud is foremost on advertisers’ and carriers’ minds and they’re simply not putting up with it anymore. Nor should they. Traffic sources which aren’t prepared to tackle the problem will shrivel up and disappear. Responsibility extends from individual media buyers and the platforms they use up to the carriers. Everybody could do more and we all know it. The time to get started if you haven’t already.
At Billy, we’ve been working on the problem for some time now. We ingest 300 million clicks a day and using our big data platform (does big data really need to be capitalized anymore?), it’s pretty easy to spot most statistical anomalies. We analyze each conversion for the following: conversion rate vs other traffic sources, user agent distribution, device locale, proxy IP addresses, geolocation, and cookie data. Not enough? We also study click to install time, MSISDN headers, social traffic, APKs, and iframing.
All conversions are given a score based on the above analysis which translates into a probability of fraud. This allows Billy – and our advertisers – to get a bird’s eye view of a market and drill down to find the sub sources that are sending highly suspect traffic, which we subsequently block.
Billy Mobile Fraud Tracking system

If you’re a media buyer sourcing traffic from multiple platforms, it’s important that you send us (or any network) the necessary macros so that you can locate the source in case of a fraud problem. Be sure to send your unique clickid, platform id, and platform source id. We often find that media buyers aren’t sending us this data which makes it hard for us to help the media buyer cut off bad traffic. You should also press your platform to help you stop suspicious traffic before it travels up the chain.
In addition to stopping fraud, Billy wants to prize good traffic. We’re negotiating better payouts for high quality conversions which you can benefit from by ensuring your traffic is free of fraud.
Minimizing fraud and increasing payouts should be everyone’s goal. To achieve this the industry needs to work together.

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