TikTok now lets parents control screen time on the app for their children

Anne Freier | February 21, 2020

App Business

TikTok has added a Family Safety Mode which lets parents adjust what type of content their children can view on the popular short-video app.

Parents will have to install TikTok on their own phones and then use the Family Safety Mode to link to their teen’s account.

Once logged in, parents and guardians can modify settings such as how long their children can spend on TiKTok each day or who they can share messages with. Parents can even disable direct messaging and restrict content which is not appropriate for young audiences.

In addition, TikTok is expanding its Screen Time Management feature so anyone can set limits on how long they spend on the app.

As more and more social apps are coming under fire from parents and worried child safety experts, apps like TikTok and Facebook have rolled out features that allow people to minimise the use of these apps.

Family Safe Mode is already available in the UK and will roll out to other countries soon.

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