TikTok for Mobile Marketers [live webinar]

Business of Apps | October 30, 2019


TikTok is fast becoming one of the hottest new platforms for apps to advertise on, but many marketers are struggling to get their heads around it.

The app has a high fan engagement rate and strong organic growth, but as more apps join it’s going to get more competitive to be a major player on the platform. So how can you get a head start in TikTok marketing?

This webinar from Fanbytes will give you the tools to win on TikTok, and teach you how to stay ahead of your competition when marketing to GenZ. Fanbytes work with brands like Voodoo, Deliveroo & Huawei, and have in-depth market insights from running over 100 campaigns on TikTok.

The webinar will be lead by Tim Armoo, CEO @Fanbytes

After starting and selling a media company at 17 years old, Tim became aware of the power that online communities and influencers hold in persuading the younger generation to act. Fast forward 5 years, he started Fanbytes, and award-winning video platform helping brands like Deliveroo, Apple Music and even the Government reach younger audiences on Snapchat and Tiktok. In 2 years, he’s won multiple awards for breakthrough campaigns with Forbes calling Fanbytes “the millennials redefining how brands engage with millennials”

In this Webinar you will learn:

-How to set up a TikTok profile
-What content will make your app go viral
-Which apps are ahead of the game, and how to beat them

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