Thinknear releases Location Score Index to improve mobile location data

Location mobile marketing platform, Thinknear by Telenav, just announced the release of its Location Score Index, an industry report that monitors the accuracy of location data within mobile advertising.
Thinknear launches Location Score Index
Since publication of its first Location Score Index in May 2014, the US mobile ad market has been expanding rapidly. However location data accuracy has changed little. The second edition of the Index provides an overview of the programmatic ecosystem and aims to help publishers in delivering quality location data to marketers.
Despite data quality levels remaining fairly unchanged, the volume of mobile location data has continued to grow rapidly.
Loren Hillberg, President, Thinknear, explains:
loren hillberg

“There is a huge amount of high-quality data available to marketers, but they need a trusted partner who can help them find it. Sorting through the data is the difficult part, but the good news is that high-quality data is available at scale, and marketers are using it in new ways to connect with their audiences.”

A recent poll confirms that 70% of marketers believe location data is “valuable, actionable and accurate”.
Thinknear has been busy building solutions that deliver large volumes of accurate location data. In addition, MMA and IBA formed committees to address changing industry standards to address location data.
Hillberg adds:

“We’re often asked about data quality for specific publishers or exchanges. We find that some exchanges perform far better than others, which indicates they are proactively taking steps to improve the quality of data passed by their publisher partners.”

As one emerging trend, marketers are beginning to focus on the evolving usage for location data in the mobile marketing landscape. Advanced audience targeting as well as improvements in mobile creative and attribution are driving accurate location data. Finding a reliable data source to reach the right consumers via mobile is the goal.

“We’re at a point where location has become mainstream,” says Hillberg. “In the past, location was the realm of restaurant and retail advertisers. Now, location use cases span every industry vertical and audience segment.”

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