The Media Trust launches SMART to ensure mobile advertising quality

media trust
The Media Trust, the online and mobile ad monitoring company, just rolled out SMART, short for Scan, Measure, Analyse, Resolve and Track, which bundles a full SaaS suite of services with digital ad quality and other performance and privacy enhancing features.
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SMART lets publishers block and then remediate ads which are disruptive or annoying. It provides real-time control over how ads are served to an audience. At the same time, costs for keeping a manual review and remediation of an ad are reduced and communication across the ad serving supply chain can be increased.
In addition, the new feature taps into The Media Trust’s suite of ad tag monitoring and alerting services. Powered by its scanning technology, they’ve been operating since 2005 and scan over 30m ad tags and websites every day.
Many publishers are concerned about the security of suspicious activity or browser redirects. SMART creative and technical policies service evaluates ad tags and addresses that concern as well as data leakage issues to increase the lifespan of an app. The ad quality feature of SMART also alerts on fraudulent or conflicting ads and detects violations of ad performance, download size or latency.
For example, if an ad exceeds a policy threshold, SMART flags it and sends a real-time alert that contains the information to resolve the violation. SMART scans and monitors tags pre-launch as well as in flight alongside changes made to the technical components of in flight. It supports all advertising mediums.
Chris Olson, CEO and co-founder, The Media Trust, says:
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“With consumers’ growing dissatisfaction of poorly performing or misplaced ads and the increased use of ad blockers, it’s critical digital publishers and ad tech providers in the digital advertising supply chain only serve high-quality ads that perform as intended and are not infected with malware. Only SMART provides continuous, 24/7 quality assurance that detects and alerts – in real time – on all industry and client-specific policy violations related to malware, data leakage and privacy, and creative/technical performance. With SMART’s quality assurance services and industry-leading database of creative and technical policies, digital publishers can improve the online/mobile user experience, achieve greater revenue continuity and protect their brand equity.”

SMART adds that the solution also helps publishers gain the trust of consumers by ensuring their ads aren’t annoying or harmful. Ultimately, that’s one step in helping to control ads to avert attention from ad blockers, the company says.

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