The IATC is an online app testing facility for developers targeting users in China

Andy Boxall | November 13, 2015

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Testin Imagination

Imagination Technologies, makers of the PowerVR chipset, and Testin, a cloud-based app testing environment, have collaborated together for the launch of the Imagination Application Testin Centre. The IATC website assists developers in preparing and testing apps that are designed for release in China. The intention is to speed up the often time-consuming process, and ensure Imagination partners produce stable apps that are compatible with a wide range of devices.

Apps can be uploaded to the IATC site, where automated tests will check compatibility, performance, the user interface, and functionality against a pre-selected group of Imagination-equipped devices. In addition to the devices already included on the IATC platform, more can be added by OEMs, making sure the testing environment remains current.

The IATC website lets developers test apps designed for the Chinese market

IATC test

Reports generated by the tests including stats on performance, screenshots and logs of the procedure, and analysis of the GPU and CPU. Advice is also provided on how to improve submitted apps.

Jun Wang, Testin’s CEO, said:

jun wang

“With the large number of Android and iOS devices on the market, app testing is a time consuming and often expensive task. Our cross-platform cloud-based testing platform enables developers to quickly and cost effectively test their apps and games in real time on hundreds of handsets and tablets. By partnering with Imagination, whose IP is inside many mobile, wearable and other consumer devices, we can further our vision of helping developers worldwide to confidently enter the fast-growing but highly fragmented Chinese application market.”

Imagination’s VP of marketing, Tony King Smith, added:

tony king smith

“Increasing and enhancing our offerings for the vibrant Imagination developer community in Greater China is a key focus for Imagination, and the IATC will be a significant addition to our programs. Testin’s cloud platform offers a proven and valuable service that can help developers get to market quickly with apps and games for devices incorporating PowerVR GPUs and MIPS CPUs.”

Developers can try out the Imagination Application Testin Centre by visiting the website here.

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