Telefonica and Swrve team up to deliver better app push notifications

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. February 13, 2018

Telefónica, the network operator, has just announced a new artificial intelligence (AI) solution for mobile apps. The solution helps to improve app notifications for end users.
In order to roll out the AI feature, Telefonica teamed up with Swrve, the marketing automation platform.
Dubbed Smart Notifications, the proprietary technology aims to boost engagement through push campaigns. It auto-selects the top times during a day when notifications should be sent according to a machine learning algorithm.
The companies hope that this will help target mobile users when they are more receptive toward branded targeting.  The AI technology can even predict the moments during which users are more open for engagement
Bundled with Swrve’s interaction engine, the whole system becomes a simple yet comprehensive push notification platform. David del Val, director of product innovation at Telefónica, explained

“In a context of the no attention economy, brands need to become more relevant to capture the attention of their customers, and customers are hoping to receive less useless interruptions.  Smart Notifications solves both issues by helping brands contact their customers at the right time, when the message is welcomed.”

Telefónica emphasized that the system was not using any private or sensitive user data, nor did it collect such data.
During first tests, the company found that the AI system increased brand interactions by up to 40%. In addition, users were 40% less likely to disable notifications.

“We’re delighted to be working alongside Telefónica to bring the most sophisticated push notification solution to market,” added Christopher Dean, CEO at Swrve. “By using Smart Notifications alongside the full sophistication of Swrve’s interaction engine, new levels of engagement, loyalty and revenue are possible for enterprise organisations.”

Smart Notifications is now available for developers through a downloadable SDK Kit.