Techlash: consumers are increasingly worried about privacy issues

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. September 27, 2019

Customers are growing weary of the privacy issues involved with using technology. As a consequence, marketers are facing a growing backlash (techlash).

Around 80% of Americans and 62% of Chinese consumers said they feared the loss of privacy, according to a survey by the American Marketing Association New York.

Marketers were showing signs of digital discontent from consumers by not taking their concerns seriously.

A majority of 85% of Americans and 65% of Chinese customers are worried that fake social media accounts, hackers and bots could mislead them.

Meanwhile, 74% of US and 37% of Chinese marketers believe that consumers will find online information troubling, seriously underestimating consumer concerns.

This is leading to a decline in social media usage with US consumers expecting they will use Facebook and co less in the next three years. Yet 68% of advertisers say they will spend more on these platforms.

Consumers added that they would likely spend less time playing online games, but 25% of advertisers expect to up their spend on the category.

As online and social media marketing grows, 65% of Americans are worried that feelings of isolation and depression will become worse.

“When it comes to the growing intersection of the Internet of Things (IoT), adtech, and artificial intelligence (AI), marketers must amplify brand trust and become unmatched champions of consumer privacy,” said Karen McFarlane, president of the AMA New York.