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Posted: March 21, 2016

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In the mobile advertising industry, fraud has become an everyday fact of life. Many advertisers have resigned themselves to losing part of their investment to the complex technical piracy of these online criminals. Recent studies have shown that up to 12% of mobile impressions are considered high-risk for fraud. That translates into almost 1.3 billion dollars of lost ad spending in the United States alone. Worldwide, that statistic is probably much bigger, as Asian and Middle Eastern geos are even more susceptible to malicious online activity.
In order to combat this daunting online panorama, Mobusi recently unveiled Advertiser Defender, our prevention software that identifies fraudulent mobile activity in real time. Advertiser Defender rejects traffic coming out of VPN endpoints or data centers that fraudsters use to disguise themselves. It analyzes user data in order to deny profiles that repeatedly employ non-native languages in target countries (ie, Thai language speakers in Denmark, etc). The risk of false installations is also mitigated, preventing multiple installs on a single device, and eliminating users with devices that are not allowed to run specific advertisers’ apps.
Mobusi Advertiser Defender
Mobusi - Stopping fraudsters in their tracks
We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality traffic and look to sever ties with fraudulent traffic providers whenever we identify them. This means that our traffic tends to be cleaner than the average, but it doesn’t mean that scam artists don’t try us. A month after implementation, we wanted to take a look at how the tool has been helping us stave off ad predators.
Over the last 30 days we were able to identify 1.1% of our leads as fraudulent, and eliminate them, assuring accurate reporting and quality service. As the months pass we will use Advertiser defender to purify our publisher portfolio in order to guarantee our advertisers quality traffic. As a performance based company, we pride ourselves on results. Paying for fraudulent traffic is something we won’t accept, and we think it’s time to put the fear back where it should be, with the criminals.
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