SpotX launches header bidding suite for mobile video formats

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. September 11, 2017

SpotX, the video advertising serving platform, has recently rolled out a new header bidding suite for video formats. The company already provides monetisation tools for mobile and desktop ads via a platform that combines a programmatic infrastructure with other solutions such as for OTT or outstream video ad units.
The latest header bidding suite includes a server-side wrapper that lets advertisers boost their demand sources when competing for inventory. SpotX says that it represents a move away from tag-style integrations.
Among the core features of the new video header bidding solution the company’s active private and curated marketplaces for targeted ad buying. Having had experience with these formats surely should come in handy for advertisers.
In addition, the suite implements cross-screen functionality, transparency into buyer behaviour and bidding intelligence as well as reporting metric and viewability and verification services.
SpotX, which has over 65 DSP integrations, adds that there will also be added support for dynamic, server-side ad insertion and ad delivery with competitive separation and frequency management of ads within a pod.
Tal Almany, the advertising technology veteran who recently joined SpotX as Senior Director, Advanced Integrations, from OpenX, says:

“I’m excited to join SpotX for the launch of a header bidding product and integration type created specifically for the unique needs of video. SpotX’s header bidder wrapper and direct integrations suite provide media owners with the more advanced tools video publishing requires to maximize yield and improve efficiency.”

Almany will be overseeing the integration,the product and engineering scope. He reports to Sean Buckley, CRO, SpotX.
In addition, the company announced its move away from VAST tag-based integrations to favour advanced integrations with the SpotX platform via a Direct Integrations Suite that includes OVP plugins, javascript players, iOS and Android mobile SDKs, and tvOS and other connected TV SDKs.