Social media helped 57% of users beat loneliness during lockdowns

Anne Freier | June 29, 2020

App Business

Social media platforms have been a lifeline for people in the UK and US during lockdowns, as new research from We Are Social reveals.

Over half (57%) of social media users said the platforms helped them beat loneliness and feelings of isolation during these months.

And that percentage is even higher for millennials (61%) and Gen Z (65%). Baby boomers (43%) were less likely to use social media.

The platforms that younger generations were particularly keen on for connecting with others were Instagram (67%) and YouTube (63%).

Facebook was more popular among millennials (67%) compared to Gen Z (65%) and baby boomers (62%).

Roughly half of social media users (42%) said they felt less pressured to portray themselves in a more flattering light during lockdowns.

This could have a potentially positive effect on social media anxiety by comparison in the future.

Interestingly, the study also noted that men used social media to share their feelings more candidly than women during these months.

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