Snapchat invites creators to launch their own sticker packs

Snapchat continues to attract creators and now has officially rolled out creator-made stickers. The addition follows the launch of its Storytellers programme which connects brands on Discover with influencer campaigns.

The new sticker collections can be found within the sticker section on Snapchat. Creator-made stickers were launched with Geir Ove Pederson, or Geeohsnap’s first sticker pack for the app. In addition, Harry Hembley’s Ketnipz cartoon character has been added as a sticker pack.

Snapchat recently disappointed shareholders with weak daily active user growth and low revenues. The company has since been trying to revamp its image to attract new users and keep existing ones more engaged. Sticker packs are part of this move, allowing Snap, for the first time, to create an actual community of creators. It is something that rival Instagram has long understood. Now, Snapchat is finally coming around to it.

Other sticker packs coming soon will include packs from Cyrene Quiamco aka CyreneQ, Alex Rickter aka decalex, Audrey Spencer also cakes1todough1 and Mike Metzler aka Metz044.

“Being able to include our own branding as a native part of the platform is incredible for us creators. The fact that Snapchat is partnering with creators to roll this out is another way to show they are investing in the creator community,” explained Metzler.

Snap creators have also been able to join the company’s initatives such as the Creators Summit held in May 2018. In addition, the recent Stroytellers programme addition means that creators such as CyreneQ are now creative partners on Snapchat.

In addition to stickers and Storytellers, Snapchat has emphasised augmented reality (AR) lenses to boost the AR experience across the app and enhance engagement among users.

However, some industry experts have argued that such changes may be coming too late as Facebook and YouTube may already dominate in terms of creator connections.

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