Small businesses are allocating majority of holiday ad spend to social media

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. October 1, 2018

This year, small businesses are spending the majority of their holiday ad budget on social media marketing (36.4%) according to a survey by Reveal Mobile, the location-based mobile marketing company.

Based on the answers from 266 US business owners, the study also found that the majority of ad spend is going toward digital (67.9%) campaigns, with a majority of social ads being delivered to mobile devices given the amount of time users are spending on their devices.

Meanwhile, geotargeting has become a more important tool for businesses with 84% of them now considering location-based marketing somewhat or very important.

Facebook continues to be the most popular option for social media campaigns (41.8%), followed by Google (28.2%), Instagram (17.6%) and Amazon (12.4%).

Over a third of business owners also said that their ad budgets increased during the holiday season (37.2%), with October and November marking the core months during which ad messages change to reflect the upcoming holiday season.

Whilst 60% of respondents agreed that they spread their budgets out evely across the holiday period, 21% allocated funds to reach customers on Black Friday, whilst 19% budgeted for Cyber Monday.

The research demonstrates that business owners have become more sophisticated in targeting customers and catering ads that are relevant to specific audiences.