SITO Mobile partners with Location Sciences for improved location data accuracy

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. April 30, 2019

SITO Mobile, which provides data solutions for mobile advertisers, today announced a partnership with Location Sciences Group (LSG), the location verification provider.

The move enables SITO to leverage LSG’s proprietary location verification platform, Verify, to help authenticate its location-targeted ad data.

Location data inaccuracy is an ongoing problem within the online advertising industry with as much as 50-80% of location data being of low quality or fraudulent.

Location Sciences will officially audit SITO’s location data supply and SITO will be carrying the Verify tag on its location-targeted media delivery campaigns to assure clients of the new standard.

“With more than 42% of mobile ad spend going toward location data, and as much as 80% of location data being inaccurate or fraudulent, there is understandably a lot of brand skepticism in the marketplace,” said Bruce Rogers, Head of Marketing at SITO. “Our first priority is to ensure that our brands know that our data is accurate, which is why we are excited to be the first to have our data ‘Verify Certified’ for our clients. It is a necessary component to have in today’s data purchasing marketplace.”

Verify’s solution is based on tags, which means that it does not require data matching or personally identifiable information. Ad campaigns can be analysed at the impression level to help detect and report accuracy and quality of data signals.

“We are excited that SITO Mobile has made this important move,” says, Mark Slade, CEO of Location Sciences. “Having a top-tier location data provider like SITO utilize a third-party verification platform is the only way to bring transparency and trust to the industry. Every day, brands and agencies are wasting millions of dollars on subpar data that negatively impacts marketing strategies and outcomes. Like us, SITO Mobile is committed to bringing transparency to the location data marketplace, and helping brands feel secure that their money is being spent responsibly.”

Location Sciences also launched its pre-bid location supply product “Verify Supply”, which enables marketers to purchase pre-certified location inventory.