SimilarWeb Portrait builds a picture of app users, so developers can engage them more effectively

Andy Boxall | February 18, 2016

App Development


Want to know your users better? Of course you do, because that’s how you keep them engaged and using your app for longer. Mobile marketing company SimilarWeb has launched SimilarWeb Portrait, a new platform feature that uses clever inferred analytics and statistical algorithms to help developers build up a comprehensive picture of an app’s users.

SimilarWeb Portrait builds app user profiles using algorithms and analytics

SimilarWeb Portrait

The information Portrait provides includes age, gender, interests, favorite brands, the device the user has, location, and system language, plus geographical location. It does this without keeping any data that could personally identify the user. SimilarWeb Portrait is the company’s first example of a feature using the technology it gained access to after acquiring Quettra in 2015.

Using the data, developers can personalize the app experience, and all the key data is available “within milliseconds of the app’s installation,” according to SimilarWeb, so developers can quickly start to tailor the app. This helps avoid losing users early on, and research from the company says more than 77% of users uninstall an app within three days.

To learn more about SimilarWeb’s platform and Portrait, visit the company’s website here.

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