Shirley Lin, VP Global Business Development, YeahMobi on their Native Ads Beta Release

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Posted: May 18, 2015


Shirley joined YeahMobi (owned by NDPMedia) as VP, Global Business Development. She is responsible for the global expansion and presence of YeahMobi in US, Europe and LATAM regions.


Mobile advertising has been fast ramping up to take ever increasing portions of marketing spend by big brands and across the spectrum of mobile developers. One of its formats in using the native ads is demonstrating the power of deep engagement with the users viewing the high quality of ad placements. With the numbers pouring in showing higher conversion rates, native ads can sustain the attraction of user attention to the ads at levels surpassing the more traditional banner ads.

YeahMobi has released its Native Ads platform and during the beta testing period it was already demonstrating dramatic improvement in comparison with other platforms of traditional mobile ads, thus yielding significant revenue generation received by our beta partners. The platform went online in April, 2015.

Income Trend Graph


What Are the Challenges and Solutions In Sustaining A Steady Flow of Monetization?

There are many ways for app developers to drive revenue. While paid apps receive payment up front, F2P games have to rely on IAP (in-app purchases), and various forms of advertisement including incentivized or non-incentivized and offer walls inserted in the middle of the games.  The most successful app developer companies such as Kingsoft, Rovio and Supercell, combine a mixture of these methods and typically would apply A/B testing to measure which would work the best while demographics, regions and timing all become factors contributing to their marketing campaigns.

As for smaller size app developers, lacking many of the resources, finding the right partner becomes imperative. In recognizing the needs of the mobile developers, YeahMobi’s Native Ads platform tackles the problem by reducing the amount of time and effort for integration into the platform, thereby allowing a fast ramp up to go into immediate campaign launch mode.

The awareness of Native Ads as mobile developers’ user acquisition and monetization channel is increasing thanks to Facebook’s advancement in this market. However, applying it into the entire marketing promotion and actual ROI strategy has yet to be fully realized on a much larger scale. YeahMobi is launching its marketing awareness of its Native Ads throughout China targeting app and game developers.

So What Does the Beta Platform Offer?

YeahMobi’s Native Ads provides various ad formats that can be tailored to an app’s environment. The dashboard features native ads category optimization so that developers are able to ensure ad content matches user preferences, as well as to monitor revenue flow and optimize advertising inventory accordingly. Native Ads offered by Yeahmobi stands out with its integration flexibility. The SDK and API are open-sourced, and can be customized by developers with tweaks and adjustment in order to achieve the best optimization if needed.

Improved ROI Achieved

With numbers and analytics collected from our beta testing, it has been proved that significant boosts of revenue have been gained by our partners. In one test case, it is All-In-One Toolbox (AIO Toolbox Inc.). The app is free to download and monetize with both the PRO upgrade and ads placement. It is a cleaner type of software that helps mobile users clean up their device and to protect files. As a utility app, banner ads was usually used but the ads have not been received well as they affect the UX negatively, therefore Native Ads present in the least intrusive manner for the user experience and the effect of advertising is thereby much enhanced.

YeahMobi’s Native Ads allowed All-In-One Toolbox to create ad inventory through an ad wall that recommends new apps. The ads displays are designed to resonate deeper with the users. During the beta testing, the developer kept other ad networks running simultaneously. It became obvious that with YeahMobi’s Native Ads, they had witnessed revenue growth to 1,300%.  Currently All-in-One generates 70% of its revenue from effective advertising, while 30% comes from PRO upgrades. The benefits of Native Ads are still growing.

Find out more about YeahMobi Native Ads here.

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