Safari ade? Apple considers opening up default iPhone options to third-party apps

Anne Freier | February 27, 2020

App Business

Following criticism of unfair competition, Apple is considering to allow users to choose their own default email and web browser apps on iPhones and iPads.

Until now, the Safari web browser and Apple Mail had been the default options. Users could download third-party apps from the App Store, but these weren’t defaulted to and couldn’t be replaced.

This has resulted in Safari and Mail becoming two of the most-used apps on iPhones and iPads. For example, every time a user clicks on a link in a message or email, the link automatically opens in Safari.

Developers have long criticised the practice for hindering competition. Their calls may have finally resonated with Apple which is now debating whether it will loosen restrictions on third-party apps.

Apple did not comment on a report by Bloomberg revealing its intention.

The popular hardware maker is also working on a way to open up HomePod to third-party music providers such as Spotify. It may even allow competing music apps to be used as default over Apple Music.

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