Ryan Gao, VP, Sales & Marketing of Offerslook Talks Superior Ad Technology Solution

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Partner Post - Offerslook Affiliate Network Tracking Software

Posted: June 30, 2016

Ryan Gao, VP, Sales & Marketing of Offerslook. Before Offerslook, he was head of commercial product marketing at International Business Unit, Alibaba Mobile Business Group. He talked about how superior tracking technology drives better monetization capabilities for mobile ad networks.
What is Offerslook and how are you positioned in the market?
Offerslook is a SaaS platform for performance marketers to build and manage affiliate networks. With Offerslook, marketers are enabled to customize with their brand, run campaigns, manage publishers, generate invoices and so on. We aim to make affiliate network management smarter, and invest into innovations like fraud prevention.
What types of clients do you work with?
Currently we serve only one type of client – affiliate networks at all sizes. We’re now serving 200+ affiliate networks, and a majority of them are small-medium networks. These networks have greater needs for a high-performance platform with sustainable cost to improve their earning capabilities.
Offerslook performance marketing software development company
What geographies are you focused on and where are you seeing the most growth?
Our product was conceived as global one from very early stage of development, because we see an affiliate network as a global business. With the advance of technology, ease of online trade, and the surge of products going global, it’s necessary and easy for anyone to run a global network.
Our existing clients are in fact from a few regions though – US, India, Israel and China – mostly thanks to the prosperous entrepreneurship in these regions. These 4 regions generate the majority of affiliate networks and mobile traffic.
In terms of growth, emerging markets are leading the way, such as India, Southeast Asia and South America. These markets – with small base of online traffic – are growing exponentially in traffic scale, largely due to boom of mobile devices. And mobile penetration is still low, leaving huge space for growth.
What are your main tips for successful mobile advertising?
Understand your users and customers better, and optimize the traffic. We saw a clear trend that large mobile ad networks are not only buying and selling traffic any more. They’re utilizing better technology to understand users deeper and leaning over smarter affiliates who know their users. They’re also serving customers with a comprehensive solution instead of just delivering traffic.
That makes them competitive in the long term. Small and medium networks will have to be more professional in their realms.
Do you think a programmatic approach will ultimately replace any human intervention into mobile ad network operations?
We believe programmatic approach will surely be more widely adopted, but it will not replace the existing mobile ad network model, which is highly driven by human intelligence and expertise, and mobile ad network will continue to drive a big part of mobile advertising revenue.
Programmatic advertising is still flawed due to insufficient understanding of users and lack of user data. Human operated mobile ad networks, though not as efficient as programmatic approach, boast deep understanding of the media and users, especially for vertical networks. The experience and expertise in particular verticals enabled marketers to generate more creative ideas to drive user conversions.
We also see human-operated mobile ad networks are using more effective approaches to increase efficiency as well, such as API. And we believe API will be key to more robust growth in the near future. Offerslook is dedicated to driving more innovation to this industry, say, our fraud prevention system is already helping customers to be more proactive combating fraudulent traffic.
What emerging market(s) do you see as the most promising for mobile advertising?
Emerging markets – India, Southeast Asia and South America, and maybe Africa in the future. There’s only 20-30% of the population owning smart mobile devices and penetration is rising sharply. Mobile traffic is growing exponentially.
What kind of people work with you in the team at Offerslook?
We have a passionate team desiring great products and believe in making differences to mobile advertising. And we have smart minds that learn fast to keep paced with the rapid-changing industry. We welcome all sorts of talents who can help us grow fast enough.

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