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Posted: August 17, 2016

Getting downloads is easy, but keeping mobile users engaged with apps can be an uphill battle. Word on the street suggests app retention decreases by 60% one month post-download and by 80% two months after that. While some markets (Media & Entertainment, Travel & Lifestyle) fare better than others such as Gaming, all industries must up their game to remain competitive. To avoid users churning and turning over to the next app of choice, savvy brands need to retain their target’s interest by building a re-engagement strategy which provides:
Seamless Onboarding
“Keep it simple, stupid,” is an old un-PC advertising adage that applies here. Make it easy for users by eliminating extra and elaborate steps at the signup stage. Introduce them only to what they need at this time. In other words, dispersing features and functionality as users go will go a long way in avoiding app abandonment at the start.
Mobile Personalization
Customize the user experience with individualized touches by incorporating their name on screens, in messaging, and offering relevant content within the app. Provide users with material that directly speaks to their needs and preferences rather than bothering them with unnecessary and irrelevant notifications.
Immersive mobile app experience

Deep Linking
Brands looking for a way to engage and re-engage their targets may look into deep linking which lets users share content within an app. It’s also an effective way to ensure users return to an app when searching similar content on the web.
Push Notifications with Incentives
Brands with users who opt for push notifications have all but won the war on app engagement. In addition to reminding users of the app, push notifications come in a variety of desired shapes and forms from relevant content to customized coupons, special promotions and usage-based rewards—all of which translate to user retention.
Performance Analytics
Monitoring mobile app engagement is key in accessing the Lifetime Value (LTV) of customers. That’s why competitive app marketers track user behavior, explore user feedback, and examine what’s driving usage.
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