Reddit updates video ads with mobile landing page and new aspect ratios

Reddit on Wednesday announced multiple updates to its video advertising. The company launched a new mobile landing page, and added two aspect ratios for ad size. It has also launched a referral URL for cost-per-view (CPV) campaigns.

The new mobile landing pages for video ads power a more seamless viewing experience. When a user clicks on an in-feed video ad, they are automatically redirected to a website that continues to play the ad and provides additional branding.

Mobile landing pages have been enabled across all Reddit mobile video ads. The company says the addition should bolster engagement and conversion rates.

Reddit also added new video ad sizes – 1:1 square and 4:5 vertical video sizes. It already provides the 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios for video ads. The additions should make it easier for marketers to schedule cross-platform ads.

Advertisers will soon be able to use referral URLs with their campaigns as Reddit added optional referral URLs for CPV campaigns. Reddit said the addition should offer a cleaner viewing experience.

The additions follow a projected ad revenue growth of 55% to $119 million as more marketers use Reddit to reach unique audiences.

The company rolled out mobile ads back in March 2018.

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