Reddit adds postbacks for better mobile ads measurement

Anne Freier | July 16, 2020

App Business

Reddit has announced the availability of postbacks to help advertisers view end-to-end performance data via the Reddit Ads dashboard.

As part of an ad campaign within the Reddit Ads UI, marketers can now configure post back event data that is shared from select Mobile Measurement Partners, including Adjust, AppsFlyer, Kochava, Singular, and Branch.

For an in-depth analysis of ad performance, there are 11 events.

Postbacks let advertisers combine campaign and post-install performance data which saves time because it reduces the hours required to combine separate data sets from Reddit.

Advertisers gain deeper insights into the performance of their app install campaigns including metrics such as eCPI, total conversions, eCPA, and ROAS.

Ultimately, their campaign optimisations enable marketers to boost performance.

Specifically, the latest integration supports the postback events including:

  • App Install: First open of the app
  • App Sign Ups: User completed registration
  • App Launches: User opened the app
  • App Searches: User made a search operation
  • App View Content: User views in-app content (i.e. video, etc.)
  • Add Payment Info: Payment info (credit card, PayPal, etc.) added to user’s account
  • Add to Cart: Item added to shopping cart
  • Purchase: A purchase of in-app content
    • Total transaction value (USD currency only) and currency available, if you choose to pass this info
  • Completed Tutorial: User completed the tutorial
  • Level Achieved: User reached a specific level
  • Spend Credits: User spent in-app credits

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