Real-time video and chat comes to VR and AR apps with Voximplant’s new easy-to-add SDK

Andy Boxall | April 18, 2017

App Development


Developers building virtual and augmented reality apps using Unity now have the chance to add in real-time video and voice communications, due to the release of a new SDK from Voximplant.

Billed as the first of its kind, the SDK is simple to set up, and the feature can be activated with just a single click. Game players don’t need to leave the app to engage in conversation, whether it’s for voice or video communication.

Alexey Aylarov, Voximplant’s CEO, said:

“Experiences between users in VR/AR apps and games are about teamwork, competition, and social interaction – and real-time voice and video communication makes those connections between people much more real. No matter what platform an app is installed on, Unity is the engine where the majority of these interactive VR/AR experiences are being created today. At Voximplant, we’re proud to support developers by offering this first-of-its-kind solution, making it very simple to add powerful communication capabilities to their VR/AR projects. We’re eager to witness the experiences they dream up in which users can have richer interactions with one another.”

It’s estimated that 90% of games available for the Samsung Gear VR platform have been made with Unity, and 53% of games for the Oculus Rift, meaning Voximplant’s communications-platform-as-a-service is likely to generate plenty of interest. Visit Voximplant’s website here for more on the SDK’s availability.

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