Peter Tarr, CEO of CPAlead Talks Mobile Advertising

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Posted: June 20, 2016

Peter Tarr has a background that includes national territory management with Fortune 50 company Proctor & Gamble and has been the CEO at CPAlead 2011. During this time, CPAlead has appeared on America’s prestigious Inc. 500 list twice, ranking as high as #40. In 2016, CPAlead was recognized as the best network in their space by Mthink Magazine as well. Peter Tarr’s strategy at CPAlead focuses on innovation that is driven by client and consumer needs. Tarr stays closely tuned into the industry and is constantly looking for areas of opportunity where CPAlead can deliver greater value to app owners or affiliates looking to monetize their web content.

What is CPAlead and how are you positioned in the market?
CPAlead has a unique position in the market place in regards to providing an alternative to traditional mobile CPI advertising. Unlike most advertisers who are focused on a CPI model, CPAlead is able to provide a much more cost effective CPC (cost-per-click) model with rates that have been shown to provide mobile app owners with as much as an 80% discount in purchasing high quality installs. We’re able to do this by leveraging a network of our own organic properties in addition to a few other channels. For our own CPAlead affiliates, we’re able to provide our affiliates with a mix of high quality CPI and CPE offers. This is what really sets us apart as CPAlead is the only network to provide these diverse, high ROI channels to mobile app owners and affiliates and this model has been proven to cost less per install than tranditional mobile CPI app install options.
What types of clients do you work with?
We recognize that the app space is highly competitive and further set ourselves apart by lowering the barrier of entry for mobile app owners. As such, we work with small app owners with budgets under $100 all the way up to large app owners who have budgets in excess of $50,000 – our aim is to ensure that we have a solution for app owners of all sizes and not just those who have expansive budgets. Every great app had to start somewhere after all.
What geographies are you focused on and where are you seeing the most growth? is global in scope for providing mobile CPI and mobile CPC advertising options. The USA continues to be a very strong GEO for us but we’re seeing a lot of strength in emerging markets from LatAm, Europe and South Eastern Asia as well.
CPA lead mobile advertising network

What are your main tips for successful mobile advertising?
Whether you have your app listed on as a mobile CPI app install offer or you’re using our mobile CPC system to advertise your app, the goal is always to make more money than you spend, and then to widen the gap. We consider value to be the combination of high quality and low costs yielding a strong ROI. Its easy to burn through advertising dollars in hopes of making something happen but its critical to ensure that your dollars go further for you. The app space is far too competitive to waste your budget in the wrong place. Finding a distribution platform is critical. I also think that mobile app owners need to be extremely conscious of their app page within Google Play and the Apple Store. Getting a visitor to the page is half the battle. Your page, is what will make or break a user’s decision to install your app. Our goal is your goal, and that is to bring real visitors to your app page via our mobile CPI and mobile CPC advertising channels.
You work with a number of innovative ad formats such as content locks and offer walls – what do these formats deliver for advertisers and app publishers? Mobile CPI app install offers and mobile CPC apps advertised within these ad formats bring quality, exposure and value to mobile app owners and a steady stream of revenue to our publishers. Unlike a many traditional ad formats, we ensure that a user’s attention is narrowed to the ad in front of them. This doesn’t guarantee an install but it certainly does help conversion rates. Our ad formats also allow visitors the flexibility to choose between a slew of different apps so that the experience mirrors that of someone who is browsing through the Google Play or Apple App Store, only with a slightly more narrow focus. Creating a similar environment ensures that app installs are of high quality. We want visitors behaving naturally and choosing only those apps which peak their interest so that we can ensure high relative retention rates and optimal quality for our mobile CPI offer and mobile CPC ad inventory.
What are your thoughts about traffic fraud issues and how do you address this it? has been leaders in combating fraud for years to protect the integrity of our mobile CPI offers and mobile CPC advertisers. 10 years of experience gives us a substantial advantage over the vast majority of networks. We’ve seen it all at this point. I believe that its just not worth it. If you’re committing fraud, you’re going to get caught and it all turns out to be a waste of time. Instead, we work hard on educating new affiliates so that they can understand how to generate revenue legitimately. By doing so, we provide many of the would be fraudsters with a much better alternative. The choice becomes an easy one, you can try to commit fraud and get caught – quickly, then end up with nothing. Or, you can leverage our video tutorials and community to learn how to drive value and generate mobile CPI offer and CPC mobile ad revenue that you’ll end up being able to keep.
What kind of people work with you in the team at CPAlead?
Focused individuals. We have a great team at CPAlead. Each person has their own unique approach to problem solving and delivering value to the team. We foster a culture where we welcome different personalities, ideas and approaches as being ourselves in the workplace allows us to feel more comfortable and work more efficiently.
What mobile devices do you use?
I own an Android. It’s the BlackBerry Priv – great phone if you value productivity combined with the latest Android technology like a 4k screen, high end camera etc. I’ve also owned a Galaxy S6 in the past which is also a lot of fun but just isn’t a strong device for communications. The owner of CPAlead, Troy Krzyston, uses an iPhone 6s not so much for the technology, but for the large business app inventory that is available in the iTunes app store. We both personally use our phones to check our publisher tools every day to make sure all mobile CPI offers and mobile CPC ads are being displayed correctly for Android and iOS users.
What are your favorite apps?
Utility apps are great since they allow me to be more efficient. Who doesn’t want that? I also like puzzle games or math & science quiz type games. It’s fun to try solving problems and trying to figure things out.
What do you think about electric cars? Do you have / would you buy Tesla Model 3? What are your thoughts on an Apple car?
Love them, although the details on the Apple Car are very sparse. It’s only a matter of time until we’re all driving alternative fuel source vehicles. Yes, I have the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X is on the way. I credit Troy Krzyston for convincing me to go that route after he test drove the Tesla Roadster in 2008 and purchased a Tesla Model S of his own. He’s been a long time Tesla fan and in addition to being a brilliant man, he knows his tech products. He’s responsible for getting me on the Tesla bandwagon. I’d definitely consider a Tesla 3. I think they’ve built a great product and I’m proud to be in support. As for Apple, we’ll have to wait and see how things go with their venture into the Auto industry but I’m glad to see more competition entering the market place. It’s a win for consumers, in the meantime, Tesla needs to offer more in-vehicle apps, specifically Spotify!

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