People find adverts on the open web to be more impactful than social media ads

Over half (56%) of people are in a different mindset and explore more when they use the open web, which is twice the number of people who feel similarly about Facebook or Instagram.

In addition, 30% of people who use social media apps tend to zone out and not pay attention, according to a survey among 1,000 people commissioned by OpenX, the advertising tech company.

The findings highlight that, contrary to popular belief, consumers tend to pay more attention to content on the open web than in-app.

The survey also found that 77% of people said they trusted articles on open web websites more than those they read on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

Meanwhile, more people found ads on the open web to be relevant to them (37%) than on any one social media platform.

Searching for quality content, a majority of respondents admitted to searching the open web before looking on social media websites.

“There are a variety of reasons why the ad businesses at companies like Facebook have been so successful, but when looking at actual consumer behaviour, as revealed in this Harris Poll research, it’s clear that brand marketers would benefit from shifting more of their spend into the open web,” explains John Gentry, CEO of OpenX.

“Consumers spend more time on the open web than the walled gardens, the open web is the place they go for trusted information, it is where they start their searches when looking for information on businesses or gifts to buy, and it’s also the place where they report finding the most relevant and impactful ads. With over 60 percent of all digital ad spend currently going to the duopoly, this report helps highlight a major problem in the digital ad industry.”

The question the research poses whether ad spend could be misplaced as Facebook takes a considerable share of the market,

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