Pandora tests voice-activated audio ads for more immersive experience

Online radio Pandora is currently testing voice-powered ads that would let users direct voice commands at an advert.

In collaboration with, the company is working to develop ads that would enable marketers to provide more immersive ad experiences to its listeners.

When a voice-enabled ad is played, listeners can simply respond to a call-to-action by voice.

For example, users may be asking questions about advertised products or services which are then responded to by redirecting users to the answers.

Audio ads have long suffered from a lack of clickability – that is users can’t simply follow a link to the advertiser’s or brand’s content upon hearing an audio ad. Instreamatic aims to revolutionise the audio ad industry through its AI technology that recognises not just ‘yes’ and ‘no’ conversations but extends far beyond that.

“Voice interactivity has already changed the way consumers interact with brands on smart speakers, and we believe voice will change the very nature of the way consumers interact with brands on Pandora,” explained Eric Picard, VP Product Management, Pandora. “We intend to foster an ecosystem of demand-side technology parties to scale voice ads and working with Instreamatic to support this capability has been a true joy.”

Furthermore, advertisers will be able to track the audio ad responses for meaningful ad metrics. These can then be compared to banners, videos and native ads.

The addition could also be a bonus for the smart speaker industry which is estimated to grow 19% in 2019 according to eMarketer.