PacketZoom boosts mobile app performance – Micromax pushes ad experience with Affle

Mobile app acceleration firm, PacketZoom, has recently expanded the business into Southeast Asia by opening an office in Bangalore, India. The company says it launched its Mobile Expresslane app technology in the region to help overcome issues with slow network connections for app developers.
Indeed, Internet network expansion and smartphone adoption are key drivers for a revenue hike for mobile app game makers across the region between 2015 and 2019.
However, a recent PacketZoom report also highlighted the large number of disconnections faced by mobile app end users on cellular and WiFi across Southeast Asia: 12.1% in Indonesia, 9.9% in Malaysia and 7.3% in India, compared to 5.6% in the United States, 5% in Taiwan and only Japan 3.5%.
PacketZoom says that its lightweight SDK essentially speeds up app performance up to 3x and can rescue 90% of app sessions caused by TCP connection drops.
In a test run with beauty retailer Sephora, the app ran twice as fast in Southeast Asia, boosting views by 10%.
Shlomi Gian, PacketZoom’s CEO, explains:

“Slow app speed is a major problem throughout India and Southeast Asia, leading to an unfortunate high rate of abandoned and uninstalled apps. The good news is that PacketZoom has developed a revolutionary technology to optimize app performance by removing the obstacles that app content faces as it travels across mobile networks. PacketZoom was built from the ground up to handle the unique needs of mobile app developers, and it’s an honor to expand the company to this part of the world.”

In addition, the company has announced the hire of Ripu Daman as Director of Sales in India and Southeast Asia.
Micromax partners with Affle
Micromax, the Indian consumer electronics company has partnered with mobile audience intelligence and analytics platform Affle to boost delivery of its audience intelligence and native ad solutions to more than 60 million users in India.
Affle will be using its data management and ad optimisation platform to drive data-driven content and ad experience to Micromax users. This should help the company achieve higher quality user experiences as well as better campaign insights.
Anuj Kumar, Co-founder and MD, Affle, said:

“We are very happy to have Micromax join in as a marquee partner for our DMP and native ads platform. We strongly believe that the next phase of digital advertising growth would be driven by making content and advertising more engaging backed by robust audience analytics. We are already seeing a lot of excitement amongst top marketers and publishers for our Micromax related platform offerings and expect that to grow significantly over time.”

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