Opera Mediaworks ramps up in-app video advertising for greater completion rates

Mobile ad platform, Opera Mediaworks, this week, launched its new in-app video ad SDK Instant-Play HD integrated with Moat Analytics, which enables marketers to manage viewable in-app video impressions.
Opera Mediaworks adds Instant Play HD SDK
Source: operamediaworks.com
Mike Owen, EVP of North America Sales, Opera Mediaworks, adds:
mike owen

“We’ve always maintained that the inventory available through our mobile platform – from our rich media ad units to our performance-based units and our Instant-Play HD mobile video – has been of the highest quality. Now, our partnership with Moat further validates this position and gives our brand and agency partners the third-party verification they’ve been looking for.”

Opera Mediaworks says that its Instant-Play HD in-app video delivers video to consumers when they are more receptive, leading to 90% completion rates. Jonah Goodhart, Co-Founder and CEO, Moat, says:
jonah goodhart

“As audiences spend more time on their mobile devices, attention analytics must also follow and provide a transparent view for brands across their entire media spend. Through this exciting partnership, Opera Mediaworks can now provide brands with in-app video viewability and attention metrics that are key to giving them more confidence in their mobile media dollars.”

Despite the lack of viewability standards for mobile devices, Opera Mediaworks remains committed to work on industry standards together with its ad partners to offer a product that validates mobile viewability.

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