No controversial Regramming feature coming, or being tested, says Instagram

Andy Boxall | September 24, 2018

App Business

Instagram has denied it’s working on a feature where users can repost other content on their own feed, after a report stated such a feature was being tested by the Facebook-owned social network.

Referred to as, Regramming,” it would theoretically allow an Instagram feed to contain other user’s photos and videos, which would potentially diminish the value for many, who specifically follow accounts to see their content.

Comparisons have been drawn between an Instagram Regramming feature and Twitter’s Retweet, and with how Facebook’s own News Feed works. Aside from diminishing value, such a system may also ruin the personal nature of Instagram and individual feeds.

Following a backlash against the initial report on the feature, Instagram has clearly stated a Regramming feature will not be created, and is currently not being tested.

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