New wearable platform AsteroidOS seeks developer assistance

asteroidos logo

An operating system designed for wearables is requesting assistance from developers. AsteroidOS is an alternative to Android Wear, and is designed for smartwatches, but is still in the early stages of development. The team behind it hopes developers will jump onboard, and assist with testing and building of the software.

AsteroidOS wants developers to help build its new wearable platform


Available only as a developer preview at the moment, Asteroid OS comes with its own SDK, or one can be built separately, and installed on varying hardware. The company wants to increase support for different models, which is one of the ways developers can get involved. Additionally, there’s a to-do list here, which AsteroidOS hopes will inspire developers.

Android Wear, Google’s smartwatch operating system, will be updated by the end of the year and will leave some of the original models — such as the LG G Watch and Moto 360 — behind, which may attack some users to alternative operating systems, if porting and support exists. Learn more about AsteroidOS here.

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