New mobile ad platform Adatha launches, highlights global reach and strong partnerships

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Partner Post - Adatha The Mother of All Ad Networks

Posted: January 23, 2015

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Adatha is a new mobile advertising network created by IT firm Dot Com Infoway, designed to connect marketers with a global audience in the millions, through a dedicated platform linked to publishers and app developers. What sets Adatha apart is the closeness with which it works with publishing partners, taking time to match them with marketers that are most appropriate.
A key benefit to marketers is how Adatha monitors and reacts to changes. The company says it will pay special attention to those sources which deliver the best results, while moving traffic away from the ones which aren’t performing as expected.
Dot Com Infoway’s CEO, C.R. Venkatesh, said:

“We are constantly updating and extending our database, with an eye towards giving our marketers a high quality sales tool. With the launch of Adatha, we mark the beginning of a new era of ad networking, bringing the best mobile ad platform available with a global reach of mobile consumers.”

Features found on the Adatha platform include the ability to target multiple channels including paid search, video, ad icons, app discovery, and social media, plus app reviews and virtual currency.
CEO Venkatesh continued:

“Simple banner ads can be effective, but to be effective, a marketer today must consider many different choices, from in-app advertising to app reviews. Adatha answers the call with the industry’s most comprehensive network and personal attention to the details that matter the most.”

Adatha is ready for publishers and advertisers to sign up now, and you can learn more about the company by visiting our profile here. Dot Com Infoway is an IT company with offices in India, America, and Germany.

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