Motive Interactive jumps to no.3 in the Top Mobile Ad Networks ranking

Motive Interactive, a mobile advertising network based in San Diego, has leapt from number 11 in Tune’s Top 25 Advertising Partners list to number three, and was only beaten by Google Ads and Google AdWords.
Motive Interactive moves to no.3 in the Tune top 25
tune no3
Mobile marketers Tune first published its top 25 list at the beginning of 2014, as a way to identify the industry’s most effective advertising partners. It updated the list at the end of November, when Motive Interactive’s growth became clear. Tune bases its results on revenue per install, install volume, and client adoption, while the list of partners is taken from Tune’s MobileAppTracking 500-strong partner list.
Motive Interactive’s CEO Brendan Smith, said:

“We are truly honoured to be named again to the top 25 list, especially considering the strong competition in our industry. I credit my team for always staying ahead of trends, and for providing expert insight and continually innovating to attract and retain clients.”

Peter Hamilton, CEO of Tune, added:

“It’s been exciting to witness the significant growth Motive has experienced since integrating with MobileAppTracking in 2011.”

Motive Interactive specialises in mobile app user acquisition, and has been providing mobile marketing services since 2011. Tune is the enterprise software as a service company behind MobileAppTracking and HasOffers, which you can read more about by visiting its company profile.

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