More than half of consumers happy to share personal data with brands

Anne Freier | December 13, 2018

Mobile Advertising

Trustworthy brands do not demand highly personal information such as emails or phone numbers according to a new survey from Janrain.

After polling of 1,000 UK adults, the company found that consumers are only willing to share their personal information if it benefits them. Indeed, just 18% would share personal data with businesses, whilst 25% said that they wished to keep their personal viewing habits private.

However, over 52% of respondents said they would allow a brand to use their data if it was of benefit to them.

Meanwhile, Google and Facebook are among the least trusted Internet companies compared to pharmaceutical and travel companies which users place more trust in. This may come as a surprise given recent British Airways data breaches. However, it also highlights that travel and pharma companies may have an edge by focusing on customer privacy policies and ensuring data is not shared or breached upon.

“Our survey is incredibly good news for brands that take the personal data privacy and security of their customers seriously,” explained Jim Kaskade, CEO of Janrain. “Despite high-profile missteps and outright failures in the way brands have approached data privacy and security, consumers are very open to a consent-driven relationship with brands, which will go a long way toward solidifying trust for stronger, longer-term relationships.”

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