MobPartner Summer Mobile Affiliate Promotion 2015

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Posted: June 8, 2015

MobPartner is running a special summer promotion for the entirety of this month. The summer special means all campaigns with the network will have the highest payouts possible, with the highest caps or none at all. MobPartner has also promised to match any same campaign with better conditions too. A few of these high-payout campaigns include:

  • People like you – Android, CPI, Payout: $1.90
  • People like you – iOS, CPI, Payout: Up to $2.19


  • Android, CPI, Payout: $1.75
  • iOS, CPI, Payout: Up to $3.80


  • Android, CPI, Payout: $3.00
  • iOS, CPI, Payout: $5.20

Amazon App

  • Android, CPI, Payout: $3.03

Jelly Blast

  • iOS, CPI, Payout: $2.00

To get started all affiliates need to do is to subscribe to the campaigns and start promoting them. What are you waiting for? Check out the MobPartner website here.

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