Mobile wallets offer overlooked marketing opportunity

The mobile wallet continues to be a much overlooked marketing channel, according to research by eMarketer. New data by the research company highlights that over 55 million US mobile phone users will be making payments by the end of 2018. Many consumers are using mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay to make these transactions.

Meanwhile, marketers could be using the opportunity to reach consumers through mobile passes which are then place inside a mobile wallet. Ad options such as personalised messages, loyalty programmes, coupons, gift cards, and targeted notifications already exist for mobile wallet.

The wallet could be seen like an app with improved adoption. Retention rates tend to be better than apps as well.

“It’s really taking what is traditionally a static plastic or paper asset and making it a living, breathable asset on your phone. You can update it, send new content to it and – in most cases – send notifications,” explained Danny Ackerman, senior director of product platform at Urban Airship, the digital wallet solutions provider.

However, one of the biggest advantages of mobile passes is that users often opt for location sharing by default which could ease the use of targeted notifications.

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