Mobile multitasking behaviours drive US media consumption to an average 12 hours per day

Mobile device usage and in particular multitasking actions are driving media consumption in the US according to a new report from eMarketer. The research firm estimates that individuals in the country will spend roughly 12 hours per day consuming media in 2017. This increase in media consumption is largely due to multitasking behaviours which make up more than a quarter of overall media time.
According to the report, every minute of media consumption time was considered regardless of whether it happened simultaneously with other media. Therefore, an hour of TV viewing time alongside using a smartphone counts as one hour of usage for each device.
The rapid adoption of mobile devices and overall focus on mobile technologies has led to consumers spending considerably more time with their devices to view videos or play games, but also listen to audio. eMarketer estimates that US adults will be spending 3 hours and 17 minutes each day on non-voice mobile activities this year. That’s more than one hour above activity levels in 2013.
However, media consumption time is limited and the increase in mobile time will be offset by declines in time spent on desktops, print, radio and most of all TV.
Nevertheless, television continues to be the dominant traditional medium for US adults in terms of time spent. TV is predicted to account for almost 4 hours of daily time in 2017, down 7 minutes from 2016.

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