Mobile marketing and data company Fiksu introduce Apple Watch app tracking using existing iOS SDK

Fiksu logo
Mobile marketing technology company Fiksu can now track how users are interacting with Apple Watch apps. Because the Apple Watch is dependent on the iPhone, it’s possible to collect data on how often an app is launched, the number of registrations completed, or purchases made on the new wearable, all by using its existing iOS SDK. With 3000 apps already available for the Apple Watch, after just a few weeks on sale, Fiksu’s ability to track Watch app activity will be of interest to many developers.
It’s confident the process to integrate Apple Watch tracking into apps enabled with the Fiksu SDK will take no more than 10 minutes, as it requires the addition of one line of code, and for the developer to tag Apple Watch events to track. Results will be collated into Fiksu’s existing Analytics portal, appearing alongside the usual campaign data. Audience segments can be made to retarget Apple Watch users on the iPhone.
Micah Adler, founder and CEO of Fiksu, said:

“This is an exciting time for marketers looking to discover the potential of the Apple Watch, and we are fortunate to be able to offer our clients event tracking right from the start. While marketers wait with great anticipation to see what the Apple Watch has in store as an advertising platform, they can experience early benefits from the data and insights our event tracking offers.”

Shotzoom’s Golfshot app is the first to use Fiksu’s Apple Watch tracking
Shotzoom, the developer behind golf app Golfshot, is already using Fiksu’s Apple Watch tracking to monitor adoption rates, and engage with users who activate the Apple Watch extension. Shotzoom intends to use the collected data to understand whether Apple Watch users prefer the free or paid version of the app, then target the correct group with subscription promotions.
You can learn more about Fiksu by visiting its company profile here, and take a look at Shotzoom’s Golfshot iOS app inside the iTunes App Store here.

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