Mobile Google Shopping ads signal strong performance in latest report

roi revolution
Mobile Google Shopping ads have been performing exceedingly well and now make up a quarter of eCommerce marketing budgets across Google’s ad network. That’s according to some new research from eCommerce digital marketing agency ROI Revolution.
The firm’s latest data shows that Google has continued to expand Shopping ad relevancy and features including conversion tracking. Mobile has now caught up with desktop on Google text and shopping ads. Two years ago, desktops held a share of 68%. That has dropped to 45% with mobile clicks at the 42% mark which could see them overtake desktops shortly. Tablets are fairly stagnant at around 13%.
Google text and shopping advertising click share
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Text advertising click share is taking a tumble on desktops whilst mobile has risen up from 15% in 2014 to more than double (32%) in 2016. Tablets have taken a fall from 17% to 15%.
Text advertising click share
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The report also highlights that Google Shopping advertising click share reveals a strong trend towards mobile, climbing from 20% in 2014 to 55% this year. That’s quite a staggering win for mobile. It means one out of four Google Search ad clicks are now mobile shopping clicks. Indeed, Shopping ads now dominate Google Search on mobile devices.
Marketers should tap into the trend and realise that the innovation within mobile devices is making mobile purchasing an ever more common occurrence.
Mobile on the rise
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However, it’s imperative that brands focus on making their websites mobile-friendly as a negative user experience can quickly result in site abandonment.
Interestingly, ROI Revolution also compared Yahoo’s Bing Network and found that percentage growth was declining across all device categories.

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