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Posted: July 8, 2019

EvaDav – a client-oriented Native Advertising and Push Notification network that introduces advanced solutions for advertisers and publishers, both of which are integrated into a single platform. EvaDav is a group of companies with over 11 years of development and integration experience of advertising products.

Key advantages:

  • operator-wise targeting;
  • global reach (over 250 GEOs);
  • low CPC due to own unique database;
  • 24/7 tech support;
  • fast manual moderation;
  • RevShare payment model

So what is a Push Notification?

A Push Notification is an alert message with an icon that appears in your client’s browser or a mobile device. It does not occupy any advertising space on your website. It appears as a small pop-up on the screen of the user’s device.

Push Notification has five key elements:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Landing Page URL
  • Icon and Banner Image
  • Call to Action Buttons

Pushes can be used for:

  • Special offers and promos
  • eCommerce updates
  • Sales and discounts announcements
  • News and content updates
  • Downloadable including eBooks, templates, and checklists
  • Alerts based on geolocation
  • Freebies
  • Mobile apps promos for increasing installs

Two types of affiliates can earn money working with EvaDav: advertisers and publishers.

Publishers’ income is basically the traffic they sell, a way of their website monetization. The idea is to integrate your website into the EvaDav’s system, which will automatically detect your traffic and allow Push Notifications from advertisers to be displayed on your website for your audience to see.

Advertisers make money by creating Push Notifications and attracting the target audience to the landing pages, provided by the issuer of the offer they chose. After that, they create ad campaigns, monitor them, make decisions based on the analytical data, etc. The EvaDav platform, in turn, links the Push Notifications created by the advertisers with the corresponding audience in the system.

Now, what about Native Ads?

Native Ads – is paid advertising that is meant to look like part of the content on the page where it is displayed. Why do you call Native ad – native? Usually, it replicates the design of the site and appears as yet another part of it. It isn’t intrusive for the user, doesn’t generate any negative experience for him, and as a result – it has a much better chance to get converted, and that means more revenue flowing your way.

EvaDav has special offers for publishers: 

  • Brand safety
    All of the creatives provided by our advertisers go through the manual moderation
  • Competitive CPM
    Rates above the average on the market
  • Cross-platform ad solutions
    Cover desktop, mobile, tablets to maximize your revenue
  • Customization of ad units
    Increase your CTR with native ads duplicating your website style

And for advertisers:

  • Full transparency
    Full support of ads.txt and TAG initiatives
  • Support of all formats
    Reach your audience with video, native and banner ads
  • Cross-platform advertising
    Find your target user on all kinds of devices
  • Variety of targeting options
    Target by OS, GEO, device, network types, etc

Special offers and bonuses

In EvaDav, we continuously develop and try to give our clients not only the necessary tools for efficient work and income generation but also something more, something beyond expectations.

Being for a long time on the market has its obvious advantages – we’ve managed to create partnerships with some of the best ad networks and trackers such as:

  • Binom
  • Keitaro
  • BeMob
  • Adsbridge

We’ve got more. Choosing a proper online payment tool is one of the more essential things for any business. Therefore, we offer a whole bunch of various ways to add funds to accounts being anywhere in the world via any payment system that you find convenient. Choose whatever from the whole list

Tips & tricks of working with Push and Native formats

We wanted to share some of our wisdom on how to work with Pushes and Natives ads, how to avoid common mistakes and earn the most money.

Let’s begin with tips regarding Push Notifications:

  • Don’t start campaigns with minimum bid. It will not provide enough volumes of top quality traffic. We advise using a recommended bid.
  • Don’t forget to use images. Push Notifications consist of a small 192×192 icon and a bigger 492×328 image. Don’t forget to add the bigger of the two, you’ll have higher CR and CTR rates. 
  • Use blacklisting and whitelisting. Those two are the best for optimization, increasing ROI, and lowering CPL. 
  • Don’t use high or top bids with low budget. Due to specifications of Push format clicks will keep flowing for 12 hours after the campaign reached its limit, causing overspending. 
  • Don’t use creatives from spytools or Google. Usually, those are quite old and non-attractive. 
  • Ignoring our prohibited materials rules while creating a campaign.

And now to the Native Ads:

  • Fonts & Colors. Make sure that your call-to-action button is designed in the same colors as your site and the font doesn’t give away that it doesn’t belong to your site layout.
  • Pick relevant vertical. Nobody will trust a healthcare article on an automotive site. Make sure that there is a match between your site category and chosen ad verticals.
  • Placement. You can’t overestimate the importance of ad placement. In-feed ads would look great right after the first quarter of an article when the user is most attentive. Teaser block gets its best spot right before the beginning of the comments block.
  • Pay attention to your users’ behavior. A simple analysis of your content will give you some strong pointers on which type of content is most interesting for your audience.
  • Explore new formats. Most of the standard ad units eventually find their way to adblocker lists, which affects your revenues. But new formats can avoid that and bring more money your way.
  • Keep the balance. Try to keep balance in the number of ad units and the size of your content. Nobody wants to see five ads per photo or grow old watching the pre-rolls before their next Fun&Easy cookie recipe.

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