Mobile ad network AppNexus bans Breitbart News from using its ad services over ‘hate speech’ violation

Anne Freier | November 24, 2016

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising provider, AppNexus, has banned Breitbart News Network from using its advertising technology, following the news site’s violation of its digital advertising ‘hate speech’ rules.
AppNexus bans advertising for Breitbart News Network
According to AppNexus, it found several breaches to its rules when doing a human audit of the right-wing news site.
The digital ad provider took a stand against Breitbart following the news of former executive chairman Steven Bannon’s appointment by US President Elect Donald Trump to join the White House as a chief strategist.
In an interview with BloombergJoshua Zeits, COO and CFO of AppNexus confirmed that the move had little to do with Breitbart’s political views, but purely with the violation of the advertising company’s hate speech rules.
Zeitz confirmed:
joshua zeits

 “We would ban this as quickly as a site that has pornography and violence.”

Breitbart does not shop for ads directly on AppNexus, but has been buying ads through third-party exchanges linked to the company.
The decision to ban the site from using its ad server does highlight the problems which many other tech companies are faced with when deciding between free speech or hate speech online. However, it could add some pressure to Google and Facebook to take similar measures.
Both companies have recently decided to no longer provide ad services to fake news sites. Getting them to police hate speech online could be the next step.

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