mNectar expands mobile advertising network to include Rewarded Playable Ads

Mobile app streaming company, mNectar, recently launched Rewarded Playable Ads to its mobile ad platform, which lets developers reward users for engaging with an ad. Mobile game incentives include virtual currency, extra lives, additional characters as well as free downloads.
mNectar adds Rewarded Playable Ads
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It’s a pretty simple concept – instead of watching a video ad as in traditional rewarded video ads, users are encouraged to play a mini game of around 30 seconds. Developers have full control over their incentives and rewards. Daniel Cheng, CRO, mNectar, explains:

“Publishers who are utilizing Rewarded Video Ads have seen an increase in eCPM’s and overall user experience. We’re utilizing the same concept but taking the user experience and engagement a step further with Rewarded Playable Ads.”

Playable ads are offering enhanced user engagement and mNectar has been quick to recognise incentivised rewards as a good opportunity for developers to grow their audience. Not only do users stay within an ad for longer, but rewarded ads are generally conceived as less intrusive and generate higher eCPMs. Taylor Odgers, Engagement Manager, Tap for Tap, says:

“Trying to balance user engagement and mobile monetization can be difficult. Users expect something in return, which is why the rewarded concept works so well.”

Among mNectar partners to run Rewarded Playable Ads are game developers such as DreamHeart Games, Banana & Co., and Game Masons.

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