Millennial Media launches new native ad and mobile software

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Independent mobile marketplace Millennial Media last week rolled out the updated version of its Software Development Kit (SDK) 6.0 that features new mobile video and native ad units. The new addition gives marketers access to Millennial’s premium inventory, including Lightbox, a video ad unit that includes mobile abilities such as swipe, touch and sound. For publishers, the update includes monetisation through mobile demand sources such as Millennial Media-source demand, the Millennial Media Exchange, publisher-direct sold campaigns as well as network mediation partners.
Millennial Media presents mmSDK 6.0
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mmSDK 6.0 places greater emphasis on mobile video support and native functionality and includes enhancements to Millennial Media Interstitial Video Ads. Jennifer Morgan, Partner, Senior Director, Digital Investments at MEC, explains:

“Mobile video has been a game changer for us, bringing clients’ messages to life through sight, sound, and motion. Millennial Media’s Lightbox mobile video unit capitalizes on mobile’s custom features and functionality and offers a truly unique experience from PC.”

The company completely overhauled its SDK, adding dynamic yield optimisation to allow publishers to drive revenue and monetisation. The new tool also links to a demand source, including partners such as Facebook and speeds up the process of adding new mediation partners. Publishers also get to make use of Millennial Media’s reporting and accounting management tools. Oliver Rozay, VP of Business Development and Monetization at Pinger, says:

“From the start, Millennial Media has placed an emphasis on publisher support. Not just from a monetization standpoint, but throughout the full development lifecycle. We look forward to integrating mmSDK 6.0 and creating new opportunities for our consumers and the advertisers interested in reaching them.”

mmSDK 6.0 has been built jointly with Nexage SDK and is now available for download here.

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