Messaging app Line to use competition with $100,000 prize to encourage chat bot development

Andy Boxall

In App Development. September 30, 2016


Messaging app Line wants to make sure developers are up for making chatbots that are compatible with its popular platform, and has launched not only a new Messaging API, but also a competition based around chatbot development with a prize fund of nearly $100,000.

The new API includes three different ways of interacting with chatbot notifications, such as a simple yes or no confirmation, a selection of choices presented in buttons, or as a graphical carousel. The company says these options present a, “smoother LINE-based contact point with users for their services and content,” and adds more options will come in the future.

Line’s new chatbot API includes new message interaction options


Chatbots made for Line can operate in group chats, so decisions can be made and information shared collectively, plus chatbots can send push messages to users. A second API, called Line Notify, has also been introduced, which connects Line with IFTTT and supports code from GitHub.

Keen to get started on chatbot development for Line? Then you’ll want to know about the Line Bot Awards, which could land the winner up to $100,000 in prize money. Details will come in October, but we do know it’ll be open to anyone, will feature a variety of categories, and the deadline for submissions will be in January 2017.

More details on the Line Bot Awards can be found here, while Line’s Bot API can be found here.