Marin Software and Boost Media partner to help advertisers migrate their ads to Expanded Text Ads format

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Marin Software, the cross-channel, cross-device enterprise marketing software provider, has partnered with Boost Media, the digital ad marketplace, to roll out a solution which lets marketers migrate their ads to Google’s new Expanded Text Ads format.
Marin Software and Boost Media partner
Advertisers who are wishing to make the transition from legacy text ad to Expanded Text Ad can use the service now, whilst those who are moving in early are expected to reap the biggest rewards. Marin Software noted that the new ad format increased click-through rates by over 50% during early testing.
Google launched Expanded Text Ads at the annual Performance Summit in favour of a more mobile-optimised approach and away from desktop-optimised ad formats. The new format lets clients add longer headlines and descriptions and will increase user engagement on desktop and mobile devices.
As part of Google’s transition, all advertisers are expected to upgrade to Expanded Text Ads over the coming months. This means they will need to rewrite existing ads for compatibility. Marin Software and Boost Media make the transition quick and easy.
John McNulty, Vice President of Global Marketing, Marin Software, says:
john mcnulty

“Google’s Expanded Text Ads are a boon for marketers, since they instantly expand the available search ad real estate and increase the odds of connecting with target audiences. As the only company offering an ‘easy button’ for advertisers to get onto Expanded Text Ads today, we’re looking forward to helping our customers reap the biggest rewards from this enhanced format.”

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