Lyft’s riding the wave of Uber’s bad press, and has doubled its user base

Andy Boxall | April 24, 2018

App Business

Ride-hailing app Lyft has seen a dramatic increase in users since the beginning of the year, when compared to arch rival Uber, indicating people may have boycotted Uber and shifted to Lyft. The data comes from Verto Analytics, and examines January, February, and March 2018’s numbers.

In January, Lyft had 16 million users, while Uber was running away with 38.7 million users. A month later, Uber stayed the same while Lyft had attracted more than 12 million new users, and now totalled 28.5 million. In March, Uber gathered some momentum and increased its user base to 41.8 million, with Lyft’s numbers increasing to 32 million.

Verto Analytics also investigates the demographics, revealing more men than women use both apps, with Lyft having a more even split than Uber. More surprisingly, due to the assumption Millennials primarily use the service, both apps have a large percentage of users over 55 years old — 37% for Lyft and 36% for Uber.

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